UK-grown protein feed now available

01 Nov 2018

A UK-grown source of rapeseed protein, which the manufacturer claims is cost effective, sustainable, and an efficient alternative to soya, is now available.

Following a multi-million-pound investment from the RCMA Group, a rapeseed processing plant has been built in Stratford-upon-Avon. This facility has the capacity to produce large volumes of high-quality rape cake for the animal feed sector, as well as feed grade and refined rapeseed oils.

UK-grown crop

“It’s an exciting proposition for dairy producers across the country,” explains Trident Feeds' Richard Cross. “Not only is the plant processing 100% UK-grown rapeseed, but it is also providing producers with a reliable and consistent protected protein source.”

Mr Cross adds that, unlike existing sources of rapeseed meal, this product, called NovaPro, is differentiated by the oil expelling process. “Oil is removed from rapeseed via a mechanical crushing process, rather than by traditional chemical extraction.

Protected protein

"This means that the rapeseed protein is in a more digestible state. A patented treatment then incorporates natural wood sugars, to create a high-quality rapeseed protected protein,” he says.