Second Queen’s Award for milking system

14 Aug 2020

A leading UK dairy company has been acknowledge by the Queen for a second time – on this occasion for the proficient distribution of British technology around the world. ADF Milking has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2020: International Trade.

The West Sussex-based company’s automatic teat dipping and cluster flushing system has been successfully helping producers, in 30 countries, to improve herd health for more than 15 years.

Innovative technology

The innovative technology automates a crucial part of the milking routine. Teats are dipped and protected at the optimum time before exposure to harmful bacteria in the environment. After cluster removal, liners are then flushed with a sanitising solution to prevent the spread of mastitis from one cow to the next.

The ADF System also saves time and labour in the milking parlour and saves money, by improving udder health and reducing vet bills.

Royal accolade

The company received this royal accolade in international trade due to the outstanding growth achieved in overseas earnings and the substantial year-on-year global growth during the past six years.

“We take great pleasure in helping producers in the UK and overseas,” says ADF Milking founder and inventor James Duke.

Supply chain

“We want to do our bit to keep them in business and protect our essential food supply chain – both in the UK and internationally.”

The company is one of 220 organisations to be recognised with a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise this year. It previously won a Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2013.