Rumen buffers launched to meet winter-feeding challenges

05 Oct 2018

Two rumen buffers have been launched to help producers and their nutritionists balance winter dairy rations, particularly where limited grass and maize silages are available and alternative forages and feedstuffs are being used.

Both products are based on Cargill’s Equaliser rumen buffer. The first, Equaliser Fibre+, is designed for adding to diets when high fibre alternatives are being used, such as high fibre content co-products, wholecrop silage, alfalfa or lucerne.

High-starch options

The second, Equaliser Grain+, is designed for diets that include high-starch options such as home-grown and treated grains, purchased compounds and blends or straights with high starch and sugar content.

“Many producers and their nutritionists are going into new territory when it comes to rationing cows this winter,” says Cargill’s Philip Ingram. “Many will be using less grass silage and supplementing the ration with other forages and/or more treated grains and compound feed. In both cases, there is likely to be an increased risk of acidosis.

Cow performance

“Both products have been developed to equip cows to deal with the challenge of this winter’s diets. Used in the right situations, they will help to help improve feed utilisation and cow performance, particularly where less home-grown forage is available and more bought-in feed is being utilised,” he adds.