Roadshows will showcase value of genomic testing

06 Aug 2019

Producers can hear about the impact that genomic testing has had on one US-based dairy unit later this month, in a series of roadshows across the UK.

US-based producer Tom Oesch, from Swiss Lane Farms in Michigan, runs a 2,200 Holstein herd and all the cows have been genomically tested using Zoetis’ CLARIFIDE Plus.

Genetic evaluation

Launched earlier this year in the UK, the test is the first available dairy genetic evaluation for production traits and cow and calf health traits in Holstein and Jersey cattle.

Tom has been using it to genomic testing heifers for several years using CLARIFIDE Plus. By selecting heifers with high rankings for Net Merit $ and Dairy Wellness Traits, he has seen a positive impact on herd productivity and health.

Select replacements

He will talk about how he uses the test to help select replacements and will share the impact that it has had on his herd’s performance.

Zoetis vet Dave Armstrong will also make a presentation about how the test can be used to revolutionise the way producers select heifers, based on their ability to fulfil their potential and produce a profitable herd, while at the same time reducing their risk of developing mastitis, lameness, metritis, retained placenta, displaced abomasum, and ketosis.

Event dates

The events will be held at: Wotton-under-Edge in Gloucestershire, on August 20; Pulford near Chester, on August 21; and Carlisle in Cumbria, on August 22.

Producers must pre-register for one of the three events, before August 16. Email