Raw milk producers form unique alliance

06 Mar 2019

The Raw Milk Producers Association (RMPA) has been set up by a group of producers who currently sell raw milk to consumers.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has been planning to tighten controls around the sale of raw milk and producers felt that it was important to collaborate, both together and with the FSA, to ensure that any new controls are proportionate and supportive.

Soaring sales

Raw milk sales in the UK have soared in recent years. While licensed farm-gate sales of raw milk are legal, there is little in the way of official guidance or support for producers in terms of production standards, hygiene or microbiological testing. 

The RMPA, which was launched on March 4, is the first of its kind in any country to work in partnership with the government.

Strong relationship

“We are keen to maintain a strong relationship with the FSA,” says RMPA chair and Suffolk-based producer Jonny Crickmore. “The organisation strongly believes that it is mutually educational and beneficial that raw milk producers, consumers and the government work together to bring better support and regulation.”

For more information, visit the RMPA website at: www.rawmilkproducers.co.uk