Precast concrete range meets dairying needs

27 May 2019

A range of precast concrete products has been launched by Lancashire-based Wolfenden Concrete.

The SUPA range, designed for dairy units, includes diagonal slats, slurry channelling, and slurry channels.

Reinforcement system

Structurally engineered with the company’s Fortis reinforcement system, SupaStrong slats allow slurry to pass through quickly, while comparisons with other diagonal slats on the market show that the SupaStrong diagonal slats are 100% stronger.

With a 12-tonne axle load, the slats can support any type of farm vehicle or machinery.

Cleaner floors

With 50% extra capacity, SupaDeep slurry channelling allows for quicker slurry collection, meaning cleaner floors and more comfortable cattle housing.

Bevelled corners offer extra strength and hygiene and a smooth internal surface improves slurry flow rate. 

Labour saving

Compared to the more traditional methods of slurry-channel construction, whether building block walls or using pre-stressed panels and expensive steel columns with in-situ concrete bases, the SupaWide solution replaces most of this work and can save as much as 75% on labour.