Parallel parlour design boosts productivity

20 Sep 2020

A parallel parlour that has been designed to speed up cow exit times has been launched by DeLaval.

The P500 has a patented design that features independently controlled, suspended, non-overlapping sequence gates, which also lift during milking to minimise cow stress.

Cow flow

It is the only parallel parlour with three options to control cow flow. The design has no sequence gates in the floor and focusses on increasing cow comfort, yield, and safety.

“This design and process creates a quieter environment and a faster exit,” explains the company’s Gary Edwards.

Cycle times

“Data collected on our pilot farms shows that this parlour can speed up cow-exit cycle times by 56%,” he adds.

The parlour is able to achieve this increased efficiency while occupying a smaller footprint than other parlours with the same capacity.

Existing buildings

“The P500 is 30% smaller than parlours with similar capacities,” adds Mr Edwards.

“This makes it a more attractive choice for both new farms and existing dairy units that want to improve their milking efficiencies using existing buildings.”

Faster design

Its SynchroArc patented design also enables a more fluid flow, with no obstructions. “It is a faster design that also offers better indexing of mixed herds in a smaller area.”

The compact design also means that the parlour can be installed in low buildings. “The ceiling height can be as low as eight feet, which means that this parlour can be accommodated in most farm buildings.”

Greater automation

Parlour development also focussed on greater automation. The SynchroControl system allows producers to configure multiple indexing management styles, which can improve safety and comfort for cows while, at the same time, delivering a more efficient overall milking operation.