Palm-free alternative for optimum dairy performance

26 May 2020

Producers can now opt for more environmentally friendly, palm-free fat supplements that offer a beneficial alternative to meet the energy needs of high-yielding cows.

While palm oil-based feed supplements, such as calcium soaps, are used to increase energy density of dairy cow diets, UFAC-UK says that its product, Dynalac, with its more balanced fatty acid profile, will achieve greater benefits and help to reduce the impact on the environment.

Environmental concerns

“When it comes to environmental concerns, the spotlight has been focused on palm oil production,” explains the company’s Nigel Bateson. “Its impact on tropical rainforests is high on the agenda of retailers and consumers, making it one of the major environmental concerns facing UK feed manufacture.

“And producers’ number-one priority is to supply the specific nutrients required for optimum performance, particularly a time when intakes are suppressed,” says UFAC-UK’s Nigel Bateson. 

Energy density

Offering 27MJ/kgDM, the supplement has the same energy as a calcium soap (NRC 2001): “So it increases the energy density of the diet. This is crucial for high-yielding dairy cows, particularly in early lactation.”

The supplement also supplies C18:1 fatty acid, helping to reduce body condition loss in early lactation. And long chain Omega 3 fatty acids help to support fertility and the  immune system.