Open-design milk feeder offers calves more space

29 Nov 2019

A four-teat open feeder, which offers easier filling and cleaning than the equivalent compartmentalised model, has been launched by Dairy Spares.

The latest Milk Bar feeder also has teats that are spaced further apart, allowing more room for the suckling calves and reducing competition.

Prevent scours

The patented design of the feeder’s teats also ensures that calves must suckle hard to extract the milk, according to the company.

This aids digestion and helps prevent scours. It also helps to the calves to remain on the same teat throughout each feed.

More space

The advantage of a compartmentalised model is that it also helps all calves receive their full ration of milk.

The new open feeder is ideal for older and larger calves, where they benefit from having more space.

Lower cost

The four-teat open Milk Bar feeder has a lower cost of £109.15 plus VAT; the compartmentalised equivalent costs £135 plus VAT.