Lick bucket helps to support calf health and growth

13 Dec 2018

A controlled-intake lick bucket, for calves and young stock, has been launched by Rumenco.

The calf’s immune system is not fully developed until eight months of age, so any additional nutritional support that can be offered will be beneficial to animal health and performance, according to the company’s Mark Scott.

Immune-system support

One in seven dairy calves and one in 13 beef calves die during the early rearing phase in the UK, so supporting the young animal as it’s immunity develops is key,” he says.

“And this support also helps to improve the herd’s overall longevity and productivity, be they beef or dairy cattle.”

Maxx Calf Health has been developed for calves from two weeks old, right through to breeding or, for beef cattle, moving to a finishing ration. It contains Diamond V XPC and Zinpro Availa zinc. Both have been scientifically proven to support animal health, immunity and performance – a welcome development as the industry faces up to ongoing challenges around the use of antibiotics.

Cost control

Numerous intake studies carried out during the development of the product range have shown benefits in cost control when supplementing with controlled-intake licks while, at the same time, achieving the target intakes to support nutritional health, according to the company.