Larger single-teat milk feeder now available

03 Jun 2020

Milk Bar’s popular single-teat feeder has been enlarged and redesigned so it can now hold up to four litres of milk or colostrum. And it’s now available in the UK from Dairy Spares.

Its robust design includes integral moulded hooks, which allow the feeder to be hung from a 25mm rail.

Volume scale

On the inside of the feeder, a volume scale assures accuracy in measuring out the required amount of milk or colostrum.

The feeder is fitted with a Milk Bar teat, which ensures that the calf suckles, not guzzles, and this reduces the risk of digestive scours and cross-suckling.

Click-in design

A click-in design removes the need to pull or tug on the teat when fitting or removing it.

The cost of the four-litre single calf feeder is £31.25 +VAT.