Herbicide combination offers effective weed control in grass leys

05 Dec 2018

Producers can increase grass dry matter yields - by up to 15% - when using a weed control programme, from Nufarm, that’s set to be launched at Dairy-Tech 2019.

Promising a return on investment of to up to 14:1, Pasture Pack controls the key weeds found in established leys for both silage and grazing. These include docks, thistles, nettles, chickweed, and buttercup. The pack, which contains five litres of Thrust and two litres of Tandus, should be applied at a rate of 2.5 litres of Thrust plus one litre of Tandus per hecatare, giving a two-hectare pack that offers systemic action.

Application window

The herbicide should be applied from April through to the end of September, using a conventional sprayer. Both components can also be applied via knapsack for spot treatment. A 14-day grazing interval is required. Silage and manure have been proven to remain residue free.

“This product is safe to grass - it does not delay grass growth or cause leaf scorch – and it is cost effective,” says Nufarm’s Brent Gibbon. “An application to control a 15% dock infestation, which is applied when weeds are healthy and the leaves actively growing, can improve grass silage dry matter yield per hectare to supply enough extra energy to make 740 litres of milk.

Early assessment

“Spring 2019 will provide producers with the opportunity to make more from their forage by adopting a strategic approach to weed control. Early assessment and planning are essential towards achieving a significant return on investment,” he adds.