Grass and forage handbook – with added herbs

13 Mar 2019

Limagrain UK has published its latest Sinclair McGill grass and forage crop handbook for 2019/20 and has added its new multi-species herbal grazing mixture for use in all livestock grazing systems.

Fuelled by the success of its herbal mixture Lambtastic, typically used in lamb finishing systems, Limagrain has developed the Castleherb mixture for its Sinclair McGill range. Castleherb has 30% multi-species herbs, 30% legumes and 40% grass varieties. It is rich in protein, minerals and trace elements and it is extremely drought tolerant.

Extended range

“We have extended the multi-species mixtures in our latest Sinclair McGill handbook this year,” says grass seed manager Ian Misselbrook.

“These mixtures have an increasingly important part to play in low-cost, environmentally-friendly livestock production systems.

Improve productivity

“Carefully balanced multi-species mixtures such as Castleherb, which uses proven herb, grass and legume varieties, are designed to improve productivity.

“We’ve already seen faster liveweight gains and earlier finishing times in lamb systems and improved intakes in cattle grazing these multi-species leys. These new mixtures will continue this progress.”

Proven potential

The handbook also includes an extended range of the high performance LGAN-accredited grass seed mixtures. Grazing, dual-purpose and cutting mixtures carry the LGAN-accreditation, due to their proven potential to improve animal performance through higher yields and enhanced feed value.

Special attention is also drawn to grassland management practices, reseeding and pasture renovation in the handbook. “The dry summer of 2018 caused a lot of damage to grassland and some has not recovered,” adds Mr Misselbrook.

Suitable mixtures

“Producers can use the handbook to research the most suitable mixtures, and perhaps consider more drought-resistant varieties, such as Lucerne, and look at other fodder crops to grow that could boost forage supplies and take the pressure off grass.”