Free app launched to bolster beef producers’ profits

17 Mar 2020

Recent figures show a drop in meat sales, both in terms of volume and value, but a free livestock app is set to help drive productivity improvements across the whole value chain.
So says Breedr’s Ian Wheal, who says the company’s aim is to radically change livestock production, so the industry can deliver meat of consistently high eating quality for consumers, with less waste and higher returns for producers.

Free app

The company has invested more than £2 million in developing the Breedr app, which it says will revolutionising the way that beef cattle are reared, finished and traded. 
“Beef is a premium product and consumers want assurance of a good experience. The best way to achieve this is to use the data that producers are already collecting – including movement, vet and meds, and weighing records – and to digitise livestock production, enabling improvements at every stage.

Herd productivity

“So we are offering every producer, whatever their size or rearing system, free access to this livestock app, which makes it easy to collect and interpret animal data.

“It gives immediate access to information about health and weight and the analytics tools will help to boost herd productivity and profitability.”

Trading network

The app, used on a mobile phone, connects to a secure trading network on the Cloud.

Data collated through the app about live weight gain, feed, health and parentage is used to make predictions about the animal’s performance and optimum date of sale for peak-profit for the producer.

Digital profile

The app creates a digital profile for each animal, which can be matched with a contract and traded online. This means that producers have an assured sale and buyers can source prime beef to order. 

The app has been trialled with with top beef producers and has been in consultation with processors, retailers and other stakeholders across the industry.

To sign up to Breedr’s free performance and trading platform, or for more information, visit: