Flexible and tough range of PVC hosing launched

26 Feb 2020

Dairy Spares has launched the febraflex range of ‘flexible and tough’ PVC hosing, which consists of three different colour-coded grades of piping to suit different purposes on the farm.

Standard febraflex yellow hosing is ideal for use with water. Composed of five layers of PVC, its thickness helps to prevent twisting or kinking.

Most flexible

It is the most flexible in the range, while still being tough enough to withstand everyday farm use. It is available in 25m or 50m rolls and internal diameters of 12, 19, 25 and 30mm, which retail (ex-VAT) per metre at £1.20, £2, £3.40 and £6 per metre, respectively. 

The beige-coloured hose can be used for water, air or gas. It is reinforced with a durable textile thread and is available with a 25-mm internal diameter, retailing at £4.40 per metre (ex-VAT) for 25-metre or 50-metre rolls.

Toughest hose

The blue hosing is the toughest and has the thickest wall – so is slightly less flexible than the other grades.

It is suitable for air or water and is available with a 25-mm internal diameter and retails at £5 per metre (ex-VAT) for 25-metre and 50-metre rolls.