Electric fence post re-engineered for ease and flexibility

Electric fence post re-engineered for ease and flexibility
02 Mar 2018

The latest electric fence post from Gallagher rewrites the book on electric fencing, according to the company, bringing a new level of flexibility to permanent and temporary electric fencing systems.

The Insulated Line Post is constructed from a PVC protected polyethylene exterior around a fibreglass core, which means that it is fully insulated. Weighing just 1kg, the post is easy to transport and a unique flanged footplate means that it becomes as securely grounded as a driven wooden post. 

Movable clips

“However, the post differs from wooden posts in many other important respects,” says the company’s Mark Oliver. “It can be installed manually without the need for post-driving machinery and can be easily removed and relocated. It also is flexible, so when an animal or something else contacts the fencing it will return to a vertical position.”

Movable clips that can be used with fencing tape, as well as smooth wire, cord or plastic wire. And the height of the fencing can be adjusted, quickly and easily, to suit different sizes of livestock.

The insulated line post comes in 1.35m and 0.95m lengths and has a 10-year guarantee, although the anticipated lifetime is 25 years.