Easy-to-use colostrum bags are also re-usable

12 Feb 2020

A re-usable colostrum bag has been launched by Dairy Spares.

The Trusti Colostrum Bag is the only re-usable bag on the market and is designed with a large surface area to speed freezing and thawing, a robust and convenient handle for holding or hanging, and a wide neck for faster filling and easier cleaning.

Cost effective

Bags hold up to four litres of colostrum and are suitable for use in pasteurisers. New Zealand-based company Antahi, which designed and produces the bags, says that they are robust enough for five uses, making them a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice than single-use colostrum bags.

Thorough cleaning

Thorough cleaning and sterilisation of bags between uses is vital and clear instructions are provided.

The bags are available in starter kits of four or 10 bags, together with two different feeding tubes. The four-bag kit costs £67.90 plus VAT, and the 10-bag kit costs £84.90 plus VAT.

Safe use

Bags are also available in packs of 10, retailing at £42.90 plus VAT, and packs of 50, retailing at £179.00 plus VAT. Dairy Spares also offers a cleaning brush – with blue fibres for safe use in other milk vessels – to clean the bags, which costs £9.35 plus VAT.