Dairy marketing hits the big screen

08 Mar 2019

Cinema advertising will be used for the first time in AHDB and Dairy UK’s £1.2 million consumer marketing campaign, which will run nationwide for 10 weeks from mid-March. 

Now in its second year, the promotional activity will also include videos on social media and on-demand TV, alongside digital outdoor advertising throughout London.

Nutritional value

The campaign will continue to target millennials (16 to 35 years olds) including young parents through the spoof organisation – ‘The Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs’ – using emotive taste messages to remind them about the nutritional value of dairy.

“We want millennial parents to re-evaluate their love of dairy so we have invested heavily in media that will drive noticeability and engagement,” says Dairy UK’s chief executive Judith Bryans.

Target audience

Attitudinal research conducted after the first year of activity showed 8% of the target audience were less likely to cut down their dairy intake and 11% were less likely to replace dairy with alternatives.

“People really enjoyed the humour from the initial campaign,” says AHDB’s head of dairy marketing Rebecca Miah. “The next phase builds upon that success and introduces new ways dairy can be enjoyed using cinema, iconic poster sites, and social media activity.

Captive audience

“Cinema advertising is a great way to target a captive audience while they’re in a positive frame of mind. They often combine the experience with a meal out, so it’s a perfect time to promote positive dairy messages.”

Producers can also promote the campaign locally by ordering branded posters, banners, re-useable coffee cups, and car stickers to use on-farm and at local events, from dairy.ahdb.org.uk/materials

Consumer panel

The ‘Department’ has also recruited a consumer panel to test the emotional and physical response to dairy versus non-dairy food, using brainwave EEG headband technology. Results will be announced with an integrated PR launch and supported by Instagram influencer campaign.