Dairy campaign scoops international award

01 Oct 2019

A UK dairy marketing campaign, jointly funded by AHDB and Dairy UK, has won the International Milk Promotion Group Yves Boutonnat Trophy at the World Dairy Summit in Istanbul.

The ‘Department of Dairy Related Scrumptious Affairs’ campaign was chosen from a shortlist of three contenders, including the French and Swiss, as the best advertising campaign.

Promotional activity

The campaign used humour to remind people of their love of dairy, focusing on taste, enjoyment and the moments that make life better. The promotional activity featured social media, on-demand TV, digital outdoor billboards, and cinema advertising. And the campaign was seen by 52.5 million people when it ran earlier this year.

The campaign helped to reduce the number of people cutting their dairy consumption, decreased their intention to consume plant-based substitutes, and increased the number of young parents who were certain to buy dairy products.

Campaign details

More details of the campaign, including all of the previous advertisements, can be found at www.ahdb.org.uk or here on the Dairy UK YouTube channel.