Campaign launched to highlight health benefits of cows' milk

22 Feb 2019

A campaign to underline – and help UK consumers to rediscover – the myriad of benefits of drinking cows’ milk has been launched.

Cheshire-based producer Andy Venables, who also owns rural marketing agency Hillsgreen, started Mission 4 Milk when he realised that milk consumption is declining most rapidly among millennials.

Young people

“This means that many young people are at risk of missing out on valuable nutrients,” he says. “And I wanted to do something about it and make a difference.”

Mission 4 Milk has released a video of Andy, which can be viewed on YouTube, challenging the British public to grab a pint of cows’ milk and take a selfie of themselves enjoying it. Or to take part in the #MilkPintChallenge and share it to @mission4milk. The video also offers information about the nutritional benefits of cows’ milk.

Health benefits

“Mission 4 Milk’s aim is to communicate the health benefits of drinking milk to people of all ages, arming them with valuable information before choosing to cut dairy out of their diets,” he adds.