Calf milk replacer range launched at Dairy-Tech

Calf milk replacer range launched at Dairy-Tech
12 Feb 2018

Dairy-Tech 2018 saw Volac unveil a range of calf milk replacers that have been performance-formulated to give dairy calves the best possible start in life.

The company says that its Lifeguard milk formula range has been specifically designed to meet the rapidly evolving demands of modern calf rearers.

Concentrated whey protein

Based on concentrated whey protein, which makes up most of the protein fraction of natural cow colostrum, the milk formulas incorporate only the highest quality ingredients. Whey protein represents 65% of the protein content of colostrum, whereas the other 35% is casein protein. The whey protein content of whole milk is only 20%.

“What we are now able to do is to filter and concentrate up the liquid whey protein fraction of milk and collect the important proteins, fats, sugars and other bioactive components so important for calf programming,” explained Volac nutritionist Ian Watson. “The resultant important ingredient, now integral to all our calf milk formulas, is Imunopro – a concentrated whey protein base material packed with the vital amino acids and immunoglobulins so necessary for healthy young stock growth and development.

“Production of this concentrated whey protein also means that we can now ‘precision-formulate’ our milk replacers based on true protein, which involves looking at the crucial limiting amino acids for calves – such as lysine and leucine – just as pig and poultry sector nutritionists have done so effectively in recent years for monogastric species,” he added.