Calf auction set to raise funds for mental health charity

27 Feb 2019

A farming campaign, designed to raise money for a mental health charity, is set to culminate in an auction-based livestock event in Ireland in March.

The ‘Rearing To Go’ campaign has been organised by Angela Hayes, of the Thomas Hayes Trust; David Corkery; and dairy producers Paula and Peter Hynes. The initiative was first launched by journalist and presenter of Irish TV network RTE’s programme Ear to the Ground, Helen Carroll.

Create awareness

“The aim of the initiative is to create awareness around mental health and mental wellbeing among farmers. The campaign highlights the importance of farmers talking to each other, remaining positive and seeking help if required,” explains Peter Hynes.

Cases of farm suicide have increased in recent years and charities are trying to break down the walls and reach out to farmers who may need help. One such charity is Teac Tom, which was founded by the Hayes family to support individuals and their families affected by suicide or contemplating suicide.

Special sale

The campaign organisers are asking dairy producers to donate a dairy-bred heifer calf to a special sale at Fermoy’s Corrin Mart, in County Cork, on March 2, 2019. There will be a prize for the highest-genetic-merit calf donated and a prize for the purchaser of the highest-priced calf.

“The campaign has already raised an estimated 28,000 Euros (£25,000). The sale will have celebrity auctioneers and every producer who donates a calf will receive a free bag of Volac Heiferlac,” adds Mr Hynes.