Brewers’ grains deal improves distribution and sustainability

13 May 2019

An agreement will see KW become the sole partner for the 100,000 tonnes of brewers’ grains produced, annually, by the Molson Coors brewing company across its Burton-on-Trent, Tadcaster, Rock (Cornwall) and Burtonwood (Cheshire) breweries. 

The deal between the two companies is integral to the brewer’s developing co-product sustainability and innovation programmes.

Carbon footprint

In addition to accessing KW’s renowned direct-to-farm distribution network, the agreement opens the opportunity for closer links with cereal supplier Frontier Agriculture (another ABF business) to further improve supply chain synergies and reduce carbon footprint.

“This is a great opportunity to improve access to brewers’ grains for producers across the lower half of the UK,” says the company’s Holly Newman.

Cut costs

“Brewers’ grains have always been a popular feed choice for dairy rations, helping drive intakes, increase performance and cut costs. They’re great value for digestible fibre, energy and protein, and are in high demand all year round.”