Book your place at bTB conference

29 May 2019

The first Bovine Tuberculosis Strategy conference will be held on Wednesday June 26 at Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

The organisers say that the event will offer delegates the opportunity to learn more about what can be done to reduce the risk and impact of bovine TB on your farm.

Disease control

Starting at 9am, there will be an opening address from Sir Charles Godfray, University of Oxford, who led the ‘Bovine TB Strategy Review’ and highlighted the need for industry stakeholders to take greater ownership of disease control.

There will also be presentations on disease control, the role of wildlife in TB transmission and building resilience into your business. Tickets are priced at £100 + VAT. But producers can attend for the discounted price of just £25 + VAT.

To book your place, or to view the full programme, please visit