Block complements brassica and fodder beet rations

16 Nov 2018

A feed block, formulated to help balance diets that are high in brassicas and fodder beet, is to be launched just in time for the winter feeding season.

Crystalyx Beet Balance is suitable for both dairy and beef cattle and offers good levels of calcium and phosphorus to balance the low levels found in fodder beet and other root and brassica crops. It also contains magnesium for pregnant cows, as well as the necessary supplementation of iodine.

Highly palatable

Available in 80-kilogramme tubs, intakes range from 150g to 200g per head per day – depending on the age and size of cattle. The company adds that the product is highly palatable, even alongside fodder beet, describing intakes as ‘regular and steady’.

Set to be launched at AgriScot on November 21, the blocks should be fed alongside adequate forage, as a source of fibre, and are proven to increase forage digestion by as much as 10%.

Extensive research

“The blocks are packed full of energy, protein, trace elements, minerals and vitamins, with the required intake often being less than half that of other feed blocks on the market,” says the company’s Cliff Lister. “Following extensive research, we are confident that they offer the best value in terms of cost and livestock performance.”