Additive helps to support calf immunity

01 Nov 2019

A feed additive rich that can support the immune and respiratory systems of ruminants, and particularly young animals, during critical periods in their development has been launched by Cargill.

Pulmatop includes a carefully balanced mixture of powerful antioxidants, such as polyphenols, organic selenium and rumen-protected vitamin C, which support the immune system.

Essential oils

It also includes plant-based essential oils, which support the respiratory system, and clay minerals, which encourage digestive function and provide intestinal protection.

“The components in Pulmatop have a synergistic effect, working together to stimulate vitality in young animals during critical times such as weaning,” says Cargill’s Bianca Theeruth.

Immune-system support

“It will support the immune and respiratory systems when conditions are less than ideal, such as when they move to new groups, or housing changes, or if temperatures fluctuate.

“Calves are their most vulnerable when conditions are more challenging and the inclusion of this additive can help nurture them through this critical phase.”

Pelleted form

Either included routinely or added ahead of a known critical period, perhaps before weaning, the additive comes in pelleted form and can be used as a top dressing on feed. Or it can be included in starter pellets or coarse mixes.