Written by an award-winning team of agricultural journalists, CowManagement is recognised for its 'hands on' practical approach combining a mixture of regular columns, including the vet column that takes a timely look at current herd health issues, with exclusive features and unique herd reports from the UK and abroad.

CowManagement's editorial team members are Rachael Porter, Karen Wright, Allison Matthews, Emily Ball, and Roger Evans.

Each issue contains articles on a mix of topics including cow health and welfare, nutrition, fertility, milk hygiene, breeding, and herd and business management.

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From bedding options through to improving ventilation, Cowmanagement has it covered. New build and refurbished cow housing regularly feature on our pages and dairy producers openly share their experiences and give advice. Information you can trust is vital when large investments are being made and that can be found in CowManagement

Creating a comfortable environment: CM April/May 2016


Cow families, crossbreeding or genomic selection - information on all three and much more can be found in CowManagement. There's always a lot going on in the dairy breeding world and CowManagement can keep you up-to-date on news and information both at home and abroad.

Showcows with substance: CM August 2016


Udder and hoof health, and how best to prevent and control disease, are key topics in CowManagement. The latest research, advice, products and solutions can be found without our pages. And our regular vet column offers practical tips – straight from the vet – on how best to keep your herd in peak condition.

Heifer immunity: CM June/July 2016


Looking for help and advice with winter feeding? What about tips on how to deal with wet grass silage? Feeding is one of the main topics covered within CowManagement and several nutritionists regularly share the very latest information with our readers, which is always coupled with practical tips and pointers.

Clamp management: CM August 2016


Rearing dairy young stock is a complex but rewarding business. From colostrum feeding management and getting them off to the best start possible, through to milk feeding, weaning and monitoring growth targets, CowManagement talks to researchers, nutritionists and dairy professionals to give you the very latest and most reliable technical information and advice.

Grazing heifers: CM August 2016


Grass is still the main forage for the modern dairy cow. So how do you keep your grassland in good shape? What about grazing systems, soil nutrition, different grass varieties and clover? CowManagement is your go-to guide.

Reduce grass 'stress': CM March 2016 


Parlours and milking technology are constantly evolving and improving. Articles on automatic milking systems and more traditional milking parlours - including rotaries, herringbone and swing overs - are regularly featured in CowManagement.

Robots reduce reliance on labour and free up time to spend on dairy husbandry: CM June/July 2016