It’s not too late to control buttercups

It’s not too late to control buttercups
23 Jun 2017

Producers with fields filled with unwanted yellow buttercups still have time to tackle this weed and should spray them with Envy, a new broad-spectrum herbicide from Dow AgroSciences.

“In the past we have always urged producers to spray buttercups while they are still green and before they flower,” explains Dow AgroSciences’ Brent Gibbon. “But trials we are currently assessing show that spraying with this product at flowering will still provide good levels of control, and will be worth the effort of spraying to grow more grass.”

Safe to grass

As a translocated product, it reaches right down into the roots of buttercups for long lasting control, yet it is safe to grass.

It is sold in three-litre packs and should be applied at a rate of two litres per hectare in 200 litres of water in a boom sprayer, by a suitably qualified person with a PA2 certificate.

There is a short seven-day stock exclusion period. There are no herbicide residues to worry about in manure made from grass eaten after treatment.

The herbicide can be purchased by anyone, as long as the person spraying the field is qualified to do so.

Wide range of weeds

“Envy will control a wide range of weeds, not just buttercups,” adds Mr. Gibbon. “It will also kill chickweed, daisies, dandelions, docks, mayweed, nettles and thistles. But be aware it will kill clover and should not be used if clover is an important part of the ley mix.”