Inoculant offers rapid preservation and open-clamp stability

Inoculant offers rapid preservation and open-clamp stability
05 Jul 2017

A silage inoculant for fermented wholecrop, which claims dual action for rapid preservation and open-clamp stability, has been launched.

Envirosystems’ OptiSile Wholecrop is a combination of three bacterial strains. For vigorous lactic acid fermentation and maximum nutrient preservation, one is the widely-used Lactobacillus plantarum. The other two strains prevent spoilage during fermentation, at the open clamp face and in the trough, by producing acetic acid to inhibit moulds and yeasts, Clostridia and Listeria.

Realistic alternative

The company’s Sally Russell says that, without spoilage prevention, high dry matter forages, like fermented wholecrop, are prone to heating up and rapid deterioration as soon as they're exposed to the air. "Tackling this makes fermented wholecrop a realistic alternative this year to caustic soda treated grain," she says.

It is believed that a short supply of caustic soda and resulting price hikes are making producers, who are approaching harvest, seek an alternative to soda grain. If this produces a late swing towards fermented wholecrop, the company says it is poised to meet increased demand at short notice from its manufacturing base, near Preston.