Global specialists fly in for calf conference

Global specialists fly in for calf conference
26 May 2017

Two speakers from the US and Spain will be sharing the latest research and practical advice on calf rearing at Mole Valley Farmers’ calf conference, which will be held on Monday 12 June at Westpoint in Exeter.

Spanish research professor Alex Bach, from IRTA, and US dairy consultant Bob Corbett will be taking the stage to highlight how producers can accelerate early calf growth rates and enhance the lifetime performance of their animals.

Optimising growth curve

Dr Bach is a research professor and much of his research focuses on optimising the growth curve of dairy replacement heifers. As part of his presentation, he will be drawing on the latest research to discuss how producers can overcome the challenges of weaning when feeding larger quantities of nutrients through calf milk replacer. He’ll also be discussing the mechanisms behind improved calf growth and future performance.

Dr Corbett is an experienced US-based consultant, who has also worked with dairy businesses and heifer rearing units in Australia, China and across Europe. He will focus on the nutritional and environmental needs of the calf in the first month of life and how producers can help them to achieve their full genetic potential.

Concentrate feeding

Mole Valley Farmers’ calf specialist Chris Lavis will also be talking about concentrate feeding and YoungstockSignals. This falls under the CowSignals concept of assessing an animal’s behaviour, to help identify where improvements in management can be made.

Linda van Deurzen-Duineveld from Nukamel will also be discussing the role of the nutritional composition of calf milk replacers in accelerated calf growth.

Free event

The free event starts at 10.00am and ends at 3.00pm. To reserve a place call: 01278 444829. Be sure to book early as places are limited.